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The Best Liquors for a Buck’s Night

With all the fun bucks night ideas Brisbane has to offer, you have the freedom to customise a memorable occasion for you and your buddies. Of course, it’s not complete without your favourite spirits or brews around.

Here are some of the best drinks to top your night:

  1. Gin
    You can get the party started with this drink. People love the distinct, fun taste of every sip of gin. Its classic flavour is predominantly derived from juniper berries, although it has a broad variety of flavour profiles.

Men usually have it on the rocks, while ladies love it in cocktails, such as martinis, with those little umbrellas. You can enjoy it distilled or dry.

  1. Whiskey
    Typically aged in wooden barrels made of white oak, whiskey is a widely versatile drink. It is a popular distilled alcohol that is produced worldwide.

In medieval times, whiskey is produced in monasteries and is used for the treatment of smallpox and colic among children. In recent years, Australia has seen growth in whiskey production, majority of it concentrated in the distilleries of Tasmania.

Whiskeys are sold at a minimum of 40% ABV. And that includes your favourite Scotch.

  1. Brandy
    Popular as an after-dinner digestif, brandy is produced when wines are further distilled. Brandy carries in itself a certain level of sophistication that makes it popular among older and more successful men.

Due to its rich flavour and aroma, it is also used in some culinary recipes. It’s nice to serve this drink in the mid or later part of the evening.

  1. Rum
    Just like whiskey, rum is a popular alcohol produced in many countries and with various grades.

Light rums are typically mixed in cocktails while the darker types are best enjoyed straight or on the rocks. The sweet note on its taste comes from sugarcane, from which this distilled drink is produced.

It’s commonly associated with the tropics and beach parties. Some of the popular rum-based cocktails are piña colada, daiquiri, and Cuba libre.

  1. Beer
    Let the games begin! Beer can be included in any bucks night ideas Brisbane men would enjoy. From watching your favourite sports to grilling in the backyard or playing pub games, beer is a staple.

The third most popular drink in the world after water and tea, beer is enjoyed by men and women alike. It plays a big cultural part that it’s unsurprising to find beer festivals in many countries all year long.

  1. Vodka
    Vodka has a smooth and subtle taste that everyone likes. It has origins in the cold Northern Europe, where it’s best to drink it “neat”.

Vodka is sometimes served freezer chilled and is widely used as a spirit in plenty of popular cocktails. You may find independent producers that add unique flavours to this drink, but it’s always safer to get the trusted brands.

With whatever bucks night ideas Brisbane has in store for you, you have plenty of choices when it comes to your preference of liquors. The night is yours–have fun with the boys and keep those glasses filled!